Myss of the week: Taylor Swift Style Guide for the Brits…

Do not be misled, she’s not British but she’s got a British classic look with timeless beauty, she’s super talented, seems down to earth (not that we’ve met her in person but that’s the message we get from her style); with killer legs and brainy eyes, She’s the queen of the high street and the…

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Fashion Icon: Milicent Rogers

Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers, better known as Millicent Rogers, was a socialite, fashion icon, and art collector. She was the granddaughter of Standard Oil tycoon Henry Huttleston Rogers, and an heiress to his wealth. With brains and beauty, Millicent was more than a catch and her money made her a target. The gorgeous young heiress—with…

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Mens Styling: The Rise Of The ‘Real’ Style Icons

‘Real’ Men’s Style Icons As many of you point out without fail or misinformation, the majority of the style icons in our eponymous series suffer from the fatal flaw of being styled by someone other than themselves. Our new ‘Real Icons’ series is set to feature some of the best dressed, and well known, gents…

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Dress For Success

Don’t be afraid f the Monday blues, be inspired by these people dressed for success, you can do it too. We’re definitely inspired to dress for success, now you have a go. Happy Monday!  

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Trends: Denim on Denim

A denim shirt is an all year round closet staple from summer to winter, here’s 22 outfits to inspire you to look your most stylish and fabulous all year not matter the weather or boundaries. 1.Denim on denim trend 1. Petite Sizes – Cuffing no longer required, ladies. 2. A Straight Leg – Easier to…

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Celeb Style: Fabulous Florals

Spring may have ended so soon but we can’t resist these beautiful florals worn by our favourite celebrities. These beautiful floral pieces are a must-wear, yes we said it, even in summer you can wear them, from traditional small floral prints to the current multi-color and bold florals. Work the spring floral trend into your…

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carmen-miranda2 (1)

Colors of Brazil

This Vogue Brasil editorial titled “Carmen Miranda Reloaded” has stolen my heart!The bright colours so perfectly reflect bright culture of Brazil, meanwhile the floral, animal and baroque prints mirror the amazing diversity of that country. Hands down – one of the best editorial ever! Credits

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